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Home Automation gives you the ability to automatically and electronically control your home devices such as lighting, blinds, windows, reticulation, pool pumps, and much more.

UEC is an accredited MyHome Automation Installer, we specialise in the design, cabling, installation and programming of the automation system to suit your lifestyle.

MyHome automation intergrates the electrical systems in your home such as lighting, power, security and video intercoms enabling them to communicate with each other. Working on a bus system wiring, all these separate electrical functions can be controlled together from a central point in your home or from external locations via apps. For example a switch in your bedroom can be programmed as a ‘GOOD NIGHT’ switch that allows you to turn off all the lights in the house, close the blinds and turn off non essential power.




Central Control & Easy Visibility

From the Multimedia Touchscreen you can control multiple lights: upstairs, downstairs, inside & out. Plus, you can see how much energy you’re using in real time and monitor your weekly, monthly & yearly usage. An aware user is one who saves.

Good Bye Scenario

This function allows you to turn off all the lighting and non essential power when you leave the house and if it’s dark it can turn on the porch or garage lights for a set time for you to safely exit.

Holiday Scenario

This is like a ‘Lived In’ function for when you are on holiday and the home is vacant. This setting activates internal and external lighting and blinds at specific times to make the house look like it is being lived in which can deter intruders.

Good Night Scenario

This scenario can turn of all lights and non essential power throughout the home before you go to sleep at the press of a button or from your phone!

Lights Off Scenario

Sick of the lights being left on? This scenario will scan any room or rooms that you chose, between the hours that you require to turn off the lights that have been left on. 

App Control

Using a smart phone or tablet you can control all your lighting and open the front gate without have to leave your couch!

Movie Scenario

This scenario can set the scene by shutting the blinds, dimming the lights and then turn them off for perfect viewing.

Energy Monitoring

You can view everyday power usage data from the touch screen and even workout what your power bill can be.

Timers & Sensors

By using timers & sensors you can have external lighting come on at the right time of the night.

Entertainment Scenario

This scenario can create the perfect ambiance. One button can dim the lights alfresco lights and illuminate your garden lights.

Security Scenario

At the press of a button this scenario will activate all external lights at full brightness along with open areas inside the house.


Control your reticulation sprinkler system from the touch screen or your phone, this can also be programmed to operate automatically on a timer.


Every MyHome system is different. They are customised specifically to suit the needs of each homeowner and home. They are installed by accredited MyHome installers. If you are interested in taking your home to the next level, talk to our accredited installer on 1300 234 661.


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